Support Our Businesses, Protect Our Community. As we continue to see COVID-19 restrictions changing, it’s more vital than ever that our local businesses take the necessary precautions and engage with customers. We Are Santa Fe Safe shares a FREE program toolkit to help business owners along the way.

We Are Santa Fe Safe is a private initiative, supported by the Chamber of Commerce, to help make local businesses COVID-safe for customers and employees alike. This initiative offers an all-in-one program toolkit, including a step-by-step infographic, COVID-safe cheat sheet (and additional resources list), employee survey, marketing and PR tips, and social media assets to help businesses engage with their customers. It’s a program any business can benefit from no matter where they are in their COVID-reopening journey. 

Our strategy focuses on employees as advocacy champions because when employees feel able to come back to work safely, their positive attitude will inspire customers to return. Business owners and managers must make good on that promise and commit to an appropriate action plan that keeps their workplace safe. Employees are given an option to play a big role in our initiative, too. Through our simple how-to’s we invite Employees to record short videos about the steps their workplace has taken to protect them, which can then be shared on social media channel to help promote the business.

The goal of We Are Santa Fe Safe is simple — to help your business build back up and remain as COVID-safe as possible. 

This program is FREE thanks to our local partners donating their time, services, and marketing know-how to help you and our city. We only ask for your commitment to the program by using our assets and sharing safe practices in your workplace and around the community.

Together with The Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce and The Santa Fe Community Foundation, a team of locally-based marketing professionals developed this program in an effort to help business owners navigate through the big question around public safety and COVID-19. What do we do next? How do we rebuild our businesses in the midst of COVID? We came up with a plan and this is it. 

Simply commit to being SANTA FE SAFE by downloading the toolkit! Once you do, you will receive the comprehensive We Are Santa Fe Safe toolkit, where we:

✓ Walk you through our Welcome Packet and Overview
✓ Help you review COVID related resources
✓ Help you start employee conversations (survey and forum questions)
✓ Provide a wealth of DIY Marketing tools, including: 
✓ Creating Employee videos (how-to and script provided)
✓ Show you how to take good photos (brand style guide provided)
✓ Provide social media images, tips, and tricks 
✓ Share FREE printables for social distancing at your place of business




If you are part of a business, download our your SAFE Business Toolkit filled with useful resources.


Citizens, help us share the ways in which your local businesses are #SANTAFESAFE.


Need assistance? Got questions or comments?

Contact us at info@santafesafe.com